About H2obart

H2Obart is a group of local Tasmanians who are incredibly concerned about the effects of El Nino, super-charged climate change, and poor management of the mighty River Derwent catchment that supplies most of greater Hobart’s drinking water supply.


H2Obart is a disparate group of doctors, businesspeople, scientists, citizens, and local elected officials, and many of us were unknown to each other before this year. We hold well-founded fears about the future of Hobart's drinking water supply, and the inability of multiple government agencies to prioritise water quality in the Derwent catchment.


H2Obart is calling for a single catchment management authority to replace the 12 different agencies and governments currently 'managing' Hobart’s drinking water catchment. The number one priority of this new authority must be drinking water, and it must be given the power to regulate and prosecute behaviour that contaminates Hobart’s drinking water catchment.


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